Your Haim timepiece is designed to last and following these steps will ensure they operate as intended

  • Do not drop your watch as they are made up of hundreds of small pieces in the movement. A hard enough impact will cause the watch to not work properly or stop working altogether.
  • Check that the crown is fully secured (whether it is a screw-down crown or a push crown) before submerging into water.
  • Clean the watch by washing it with warm water and a couple of drops of liquid soap. If needed, a soft toothbrush will work for cleaning hard to reach places. It is IMPORTANT to make sure the crown is secured prior to cleaning.
  • Please contact us for prior approval before removing the caseback and or having the watch serviced, as this will void your warranty.
  • After any contact with salt water, please thoroughly rinse the watch in fresh water.
  • Please have the watch’s gaskets and seals checked every 3 years to ensure water resistance.
  • For a mechanical movement, a full servicing is recommended every 3 to 5 years to keep the watch running pristine. For Meca-Quartz models, a battery refresh is recommended every 2 years. Contact us at for service recommendations.

FOR CHRONOGRAPH MODELS (Both mechanical and meca-quartz)

  • Do NOT leave the chronograph running non-stop as this will cause premature wear on the gears. In meca-quartz models, it will also cause the battery to drain prematurely.
  • In meca-quartz models without a running seconds dial, the watch is indeed running. Using the chronograph seconds counter in lieu only causes premature wear.
  • Do not operate the chronograph when the watch is submerged in water, or while under a running faucet.
  • When cleaning, do not push the chronograph buttons while under water or under a faucet.
  • Always make sure the crown is pushed in when not setting or adjusting the time.