At Haim Watch Company, our design ethos is to balance a timeless appearance with modern aesthetics. Every timepiece is crafted to be a part of your journey. View our collection to learn more.

Obsessed with Watches and Community: We are watch people, and our love for watches is infinite – from simple and efficient workhorses to the most exquisite handcrafted pieces. Our mission is to share our passion for watches with you via our creations. We look forward to meeting fellow watch enthusiasts – connect with us via email or social media with your comments, feedback, and questions on all things horology! Instagram | Facebookinfo@haimwatchco.com

Testing and Quality: Every Haim Watch Co. timepiece has its final assembly and quality control checks personally performed by our team in Chicago. Every watch is individually tested for 72 hours and in 4 positions to ensure reliability.

Full Appreciation of Movements: Every Haim Watch Co. timepiece boasts either a fully mechanical movement, or a hybrid movement, depending on the vision of the model. For those new to watch mechanics, the movement is the engine of a watch. Our collection will highlight movements from around the world. Long-term, Haim Watch Co. aspires to design and create our own in-house mechanical movements.

Access and Exclusivity:  Everyone deserves access to a stunningly crafted watch. At Haim Watch Company, we plan to build a catalog of watches of varied tiers, so that the experience of owning a beautiful timepiece is approachable by all. We also understand that part of the allure in watch collecting is exclusivity and knowing that you own something special, so beyond our base collections, we will offer exclusive and limited models too.

Giving back: At Haim, we believe in giving back. A portion of our profits are donated to carefully vetted organizations that are committed to eradicating hunger, starting with our hometown of Chicago.

Haim Watch Company timepieces are proudly curated and crafted in Chicago.